AI intern - Work in Hanoi

1 2023-07-22


  • Interested in working, research in AI field.
  • Basic knowledge in Calculus.
  • Basic knowledge of Python (any other languages like C++, JavaScript are a plus), experienced in data library such as Numpy, Pandas, … or deep learning framework TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras is a plus.
  • Experience in deploying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning systems is a plus.
  • Knowledge of modern Artificial Intelligence techniques (object detection, natural language processing,…)


  • Understand the AI problems, challenge of existing technologies and areas of application for AI technologies.
  • Identify and choose right AI or cognitive computing technologies for solving specific problem.
  • Develop required machine learning models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem/solution fit.
  • Complete an end-to-end AI project.

      Monthly Salary and Benefits

      • Attractive Monthly Allowance.
      • Premium Healthcare Package.
      • Mentor 1-1 with exclusive training program.
      • Free breakfast and snacks.
      • Team-building allowance.

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