AI Senior Engineer

1 2021-01-31


  • Carry out model presentation and communication with stakeholders, push AI or machine learning conception to market and build the technical key ability of UCD.
  • Define, develop, and deliver novel AI, mathematical, and statistical models and algorithms to address program needs such as prediction, optimization, and classification.
  • Apply machine learning algorithms to large sets of structured and unstructured data (during ingest and at rest) to address program needs such as applications in pattern recognition, target detection and tracking, machine learning and decision systems, and robotic/unmanned systems.
  • Develop prototypes for advanced artificial intelligence techniques applied to Multi-INT, big data ingest and analysis using tools such as Python, Spark, Scripting, Jupyter Notebooks, MATLAB, TensorFLow, and AWS SageMaker.
  • Design, develop, document, test and debug applications software and systems that contain logical and mathematical solutions.


  • Experience in state-of-the-art learning method.
  • At least 5 years in AI, Machine-Learning, Big Data, or Data-Mining development experience.
  • Mastery of ML CI/CD including:
  • ML pipelines, model management and inference deployment.
  • Hand on experience in the following: Spark, Containerization, Cloud platforms ML environments (Azure/GCP), Databricks, Github, ML flow.
  • Experience deploying models to production and developing models in a reproducible framework

Soft Skills

  • Great problem-solving skills.
  • Proactive and effective self-learning and research skills.
  • Skills in reading and writing English.
  • Effective English language skills in video conferencing and face to face communication.
AI Senior Engineer

Monthly Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary based on your experience.
  • Salary for the 13th month up to 100%.
  • Dedication Bonus 40%.
  • Project bonus calculated based on your performance and will be paid 2 times/year.
  • Annual professional health check-up.
  • Premium health insurance package and family member.
  • Children scholarship every month.
  • A professional working environment with the latest tools and equipment for maximum effectiveness..
  • Productive based for flexible working hours.
  • Breakfast is available at the office in early morning and snack in the late afternoon.
  • Happy Friday every two weeks.
  • Team building allowance (100.000 VND/month).
  • Annual Company team building trip.
  • Clubs (Sports, Technical, English).
  • Exclusive training programs for all staff in technical, soft skills and process..
  • Great congratulation and special gifts when marriage, having children, and birthday.
  • Sick leave (maximum 5 days/year), paternity leave (5 days); seniority leave.
  • Motorbike parking fee.

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