Data Engineer Intern

3 2023-04-20


  • Research data tools to solve customers' requirements, provide solutions, estimation and implement tools, integration.
  • Design and support the data integration process.
  • Build ETL pipelines and data stores to handle data at scale.
  • Perform prescriptive statistics and analysis to develop insights, build models and solve business needs.


  • Be interested in Data Science field.
  • Have knowledge in SQL and relational databases, query authoring.
  • Have experience in Java, C#, or Python programming language is a plus.
  • Be strong analytical thinking and great problem-solving skills.
  • Be proactive and effective self-learning and research skills.
  • Good English language skills in video conferencing and face to face communication.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Full-time 3- month internship commitment.

      Soft Skills

      • Be a problem solver with great problem solving skills.
      • Proactive and effective self-learning skills and research.
      • Good in English Reading and Writing skills.
      • Effective verbal English skills in video conference and face to face communication.
      Data Engineer Intern

      Monthly Salary and Benefits

      • Attractive Monthly Allowance.
      • Premium Healthcare Package.
      • Mentor 1-1 with exclusive training program.
      • Free breakfast and snacks.
      • Team-building allowance.

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