Top-notch Cloud service provider in Japan.
Technology start-up specializing in HR solutions.
Making e-learning innovative and motivational.
Top software outsourcing company in Vietnam.
One of the best Australian financial services.
Leading automotive company in the world.


Thanks to Neurond’s Dr.Parser, we’re able to create a compelling talent management system that every HR loves.
John P.Product Development Manager

Neurond’s AI team has constantly impressed us. Our team at Neurond, within a few months, became a vital and integrated part of Fishwell, sharing the same vision and drive forward, and representing a key force of Fishwell.
Thomas H.CTO

Neurond’s most impressive characteristic is their passion for helping us solve our problems. They truly believe in what we’re trying to achieve. Their members see the value of our work and understand our vision.
Christopher B.Managing Director

Revolutionize the way you work. Our goal is to help you be more effective, more creative and push your business further than you thought possible. Our solutions have changed the way companies approach working. Whether that be through bespoke machine learning algorithms, a custom computer vision solution or a tailored forecasting tool, you can be confident we will find the right solution to make an impact.

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