Build a Sustainable Foundation

In the digital era, man and machine must work together to generate insightful business decisions. Data engineers are the first members of the data team to receive and transform raw data, there by laying the foundation for a strong data strategy. They close the gaps between data science and data strategy, making it accessible to cleaner data at any time and any place.

Build a Sustainable Foundation
Generate the Right Results

Generate the Right Results

In a complex tapestry interwoven with terabytes of data, it is crucial for success that data engineers are equipped with top-notch expertise. Fortunately, you are in safe hands. At Neurond AI, we understand that data is the backbone of a company. Therefore, we have a team of expert data engineers to extract and transform relevant data, build data pipelines and maintain data infrastructure for advanced analytics.

What is a data engineer?

Data science is a buzzword in the current data-rich environment. However, they are not the only piece in the data puzzle. Quietly, in the back end, is the data engineer who manages data pipelines and data storage systems to ensure the rest of the company can get access to their dashboards, metrics and models. These unsung heroes are responsible for building, designing, testing and maintaining data pipelines and warehouses from a collection of raw data. Following the blueprint of ETL (extract, transform and load), data engineers build data pipelines to process and transform raw data.

What is a data engineer?

Data Engineering Services

Data Strategy Consulting

Data Strategy Consulting

Leverage our multidisciplinary consulting services to identify the best strategies for your business’s core operations and design road maps for tangible results.

Data Mining and Storage

Data Mining and Storage

Entrust the design and maintenance of your business's data warehousing in our hands as we extract data from multiple sources and pool relevant data together in a data lake or a data warehouse.

Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Manipulate raw data into accessible and readable data by removing extraneous outliers, filling in missing values and conforming data to a standardized pattern to enrich the data.

Data Engineering Skills



SQL is the language that data speaks. This programming language creates, alters and joins tables in your data warehouse. SQL allows us to migrate data from legacy systems to modern databases, especially with structured data.



NoSQL is a viable solution for data with little to no structure. With the functionality of NoSQL, we can improve scalability, handle large volumes of data and traffic at a high speed, and minimize downtime by leveraging the Cloud.

Big Data

Big Data

Coupled with cutting edge technologies and well-planned strategies, we will take full advantage of the big data in your database to drive value and revenue for your company. After all, business longevity lies within your data.

Data Lakes

Data Lakes

A big data repository, a data lake is comprised of raw and free-flowing data. It provides unrivaled access to a huge but navigable sum of data, allowing us to streamline the data analytics pipelines.

Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines

Data pipeline allows data to flow from point A to point B; from system to database, application to warehouse. No two companies have the same business models; that is why we customize data pipelines catered to your business’s needs.

Data Modelling

Data Modelling

We maintain the integrity of data by aligning ourselves with data governance while building data warehouses that captures the essence of the business requirements accurately.

Broad Knowledge

Broad Knowledge

Our highly technical and multidisciplinary team of experts will implement their deep knowledge of modern technologies, including ETL methodologies and practices, general software development, database and operating systems knowledge, and machine learning skills.

Solutions for Data Engineering Challenges

Data Collection

Fragmented and isolated, siloed data can’t be easily accessed by other departments within an organization. It is a common workplace roadblock that can inhibit productivity because a single user can’t see the complete picture of its database. Businesses also run the risk of overwriting new data with outdated data. With the right tools, we will keep data siloes at bay and prevent future siloed data from springing up. Data from disparate sources are homogenized and unified, increasing efficiency and productivity across the company.

Data Collection
Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is important to retrieve accurate and insightful information from your data as it ensures that your data is consistent with other similar data sets in the system. This lengthy yet crucial step will detect any inconsistencies caused by user entry error, human biases, or different data dictionary of the same entity. For open-ended inputs, the computer may not interpret ‘Not Available’ and ‘N/A’ as the same entity when in reality, they should be grouped together.

Data Process Consultation

We holistically approach your data to build and consolidate an ecosystem that provides the full picture of your business efforts. With all your data in one place, you can connect the dots and make business decisions that are rooted in facts and backed up by numbers, providing a competitive edge over your competitors.

Data Process Consultation