Why Choose Neurond AI?

Our team brings over 15 years of unrivaled experience helping businesses be more creative, more productive and unearth exciting possibilities. Our mission is to help you work smarter through best-of-breed technical solutions. We use machine learning, forecasting and optimization, computer vision and natural language processing to enhance your existing systems and scale as quickly as your business does.

Organizations go further when human creativity and wisdom are fused with the speed and power of artificial intelligence.

Why Choose Neurond AI?

Our Expertise

Machine Learning

Discover hidden insight

Machine learning and deep learning technologies find hidden patterns in data without being specifically told what to search for. Our solutions make use of comprehensive machine learning models capable of automated feature engineering. This means you can make critical and informed business decisions based on trusted insights rapidly.

Natural Language Processing

Understand the intent

Natural language processing (NLP) allows for communication and understanding between humans and machines. Our solutions use cutting-edge NLP to intuitively categorize large amounts of structured and unstructured content fed to them. Crucial business insights and emerging trends can be automatically extracted from this data set to solve your unique challenges.

Computer Vision

See through the eyes of AI

We create tools accommodated to your specific business needs that see and extract meaning from visual content. Powered by deep learning, our solutions will dramatically reduce the time required for your organization to manually extract data from video or images.

Forecasting & Optimization

Know the future, never miss a thing

Neurond AI supports all stages of forecasting and optimization workflows. This allows us to implement large scale automation to predict future outcomes, so you can make reliable decisions for your organization faster.

AI Powered Labelling

Save time, minimize effort and increase accuracy

Don’t waste your time. We can annotate text, image and video datasets faster and more accurately using artificial intelligence. Our solutions will significantly increase the productivity in labeling tasks at a cost-effective rate.


Seamless interactions. Anytime, anywhere

We develop sophisticated virtual assistants that integrate cleanly into your websites, social media pages and messaging apps. Powered by natural language processing, our chatbot solutions communicate with your customers seamlessly.

Recommendation Systems

Propose the best solution

When you understand your customers behavior you can better serve them. Our AI recommendation systems offer custom suggestions to specific customers based on real data. This results in significantly boosted customer engagement, satisfaction and most importantly conversion.

Custom Model Building

Meet your unique business needs

Our world class technical team develops reliable artificial intelligence models to serve your unique business requirements. You have full control and can take confidence knowing that you aren’t being limited by the constraints of an off the shelf AI solution.

Our Consulting Approach

Our Consulting Approach

Every situation is unique.

Our consultants specialize in identifying areas to innovate and solve your specific problems. They will walk you through the benefit that machine learning offers your business and will design, develop and validate a solution that suits your needs. We offer an end to end consultation service from AI strategy development to product launch.

Behind every effective solution we execute is a tried and true process.


To understand where or if artificial intelligence can amplify your business, we carefully evaluate your current platform and ambitions. This allows us to have holistic understanding and approach your specific solution from a variety of angles.


If we find an AI or ML solution suitable for your situation, we will build out a strategic project plan for your team. This will detail all the key milestones and steps required to reach our goal together. In the case where artificial intelligence is not the best approach, we will recommend the most effective technical solution.

Data Preparation

Arguably one of the most difficult steps in a machine learning project. In this phase we make sure your data is ready for modeling and AI training. If further data is needed, our specialist team will mine and collect what is required or produce well founded synthetic datasets.

Modeling and Refinement

Once your data is ready for modeling, we put a series of deep learning algorithms to test. To reach the highest level of efficiency we constantly iterate and refine these algorithms at a rapid rate.

Deployment and Production

The end goal. When the algorithm is quality assured and answering your business requirements, we move the robust solution into production. Our solutions do not remain static at this point however, they can scale and grow as your business needs change.

Benefits with Partnering with Neurond AI

Benefits with Partnering with Neurond AI

We take a trusted advisory approach with our partners. We will become more like an extension of your team rather than just another service provider. We strive to amplify the value of your organization and create unparalleled experiences for your customers in everything we do.

Value Driven

We will not sell you a solution that isn’t the right fit for your business. If artificial intelligence or machine learning does not make sense for your needs, we will recommend the smartest solution. We succeed when you succeed.

Expert Resources

We have a team of full-stack technical and analytical engineers with unrivaled expertise. Scalable to your business needs, you can be confident that the final product will be state-of-the-art.

Data Sourcing

Regardless of the state of your data set, our specialist team can acquire what is needed to build a world-class solution. Whether it is mining real data or producing trustworthy synthetic datasets, we have you covered.

Novel Solutions

We have a passion for trying new things and strive to continually improve. We are quick to discover new game-changing technology/solutions and implement this into our partner’s systems.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics & Governance

Artificial Intelligence Ethics & Governance

At Neurond AI, we believe that responsible AI solutions should empower individuals and organizations. These solutions must affect customers and society in a positive way. If responsible AI practices are followed, businesses can implement and scale their AI solutions confidently.

It takes more than cutting-edge technology alone to implement AI successfully. It requires a development team founded in core ethical values and a governance structure that is above reproach. We need to ensure that AI systems are built to be trustworthy, accountable and ethical.

All of these elements come together to guide humans towards smarter, more reliable decisions.