Uncover the Full Potential of Your Data

Uncover the Full Potential of Your Data

Business Intelligence (BI) services enable companies to uncover the full potential of their data. A successful BI implementation allows you to retrieve actionable insights that will lay the foundation for strategic and tactical business decisions.

BI consulting


Our interdisciplinary BI consulting team will analyze your business’s overarching goals and map out a robust strategy for implementation. Based on historical data, we identify areas for improvements and design a hybrid BI cloud solution that reduces the cost to facilitate a flexible IT infrastructure.

End-to-end Analytical Solutions

End-to-end Analytical Solutions

We value the integrity and security of your data, therefore be rest assured that we will provide top-notch advice on suitable processes and procedures to keep your data private. Ultimately, we deliver end-to-end analytical solutions with a proof of concept to establish a feasible and strategic framework. We will be with you every step of the way to lay down stepping stones to keep your business moving forward.

BI Implementation

Centralized BI System

With BI implementation services, we bridge the gap between internal and external data sources to form a centralized BI system that covers major BI components such as business analytics and performance management, online analytical processing, data warehouse and reporting. Integrated insights generated from data is a game-changer for your company as it puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Centralized BI System
Actionable Insights with Machine Learning

Actionable Insights with Machine Learning

Our team has the knowledge, expertise and proficiency in the development of machine learning and deep learning to derive actionable insights from your data, improve business decisions with forecasting and business processes optimization.

Data Quality

Not only is bad data inconsequential, but it is also a costly mistake. Therefore, we implement data quality management procedures to save your company from veering into the wrong track.

Data Quality


Let us formulate a data security policy to ensure the privacy of your company’s sensitive information. Similar to how a home security software ensures the safety and integrity of a house, a data security policy will keep the privacy of data and information secured within the company’s database.

Building End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions

Building End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions

Turn data into opportunities with our BI Services

We will help you identify trends, derive advanced analytics from your data, integrate it into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and turn it into easily accessible dashboards. Neurond AI supports services in a wide range of different BI Platforms, such as Power BI, Tableau, QlikView...

Power BI

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is one of the front-runners of BI tools with real-time dashboards, integrated collaborative features and an intuitive user interface.



Tableau is a powerful visualization tool with interactive dashboards and a seamless user interface that is perfect for non-technical users.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Created by another conglomerate, you can rely on this BI tool to improve business decisions with real-time insights.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight

Performs intelligent visualization on your company’s big data with Amazon Quicksight.



QlikView is an end-to-end platform with a guided analytics solution to deliver dynamic and powerful dashboards.

How Business Intelligence Solutions Can Improve Your Business

Define growth strategy

Define growth strategy

Having accurate data and quick processing systems will offer decision-makers to make decisions that are rooted in facts and based on numbers.

Gain knowledge from the abundance of data

Gain knowledge from the abundance of data

BI provides leaders with a deep understanding of the health of the business and with a big-picture perspective, they can identify areas for improvement.

Drive revenue for your business

Drive revenue for your business

The deployment of BI solutions will allow businesses to understand their consumers and drive conversion rates with optimized marketing content.

Create a more effective business model

Create a more effective business model

Businesses can avoid bottlenecks and facilitate business decisions at the right time such as new hires and new investments.

Get a single, consolidated perspective of your clients

Get a single, consolidated perspective of your clients

Customers are interacting with businesses through fragmented channels. BI solutions will aggregate your data into a centralized platform to improve customer experience.

Create unique value in a competitive environment

Create unique value in a competitive environment

Disparate information such as sales, marketing and financial performances are consolidated in one unified view to form the basis of effective and efficient business decision making.

BI Implementation Process

1. Identify requirements

From the get-go, our team will identify and gather requirements from stakeholders to manage expectations, conclude on the short-term and long-term goals and select the best BI tool for the company. After outlining the deliverables and goals of the project, we will break down the requirements into key business areas, allowing for an iterative development process with frequent communication and feedback to improve business performance.

Identify requirements

2. Collect and centralize data

After identifying the project requirements, our team of experts will collect and integrate data from multiple sources such as CRM, ERM, ad platforms, apps, and email feedback into a consolidated platform. This step avoids data silo, which happens when departments or teams use different tools or practice different approaches. With a master database or a data warehouse, you can work with your data easily.

Collect and centralize data

3. Clean and prepare the data

Now that we have the tools and data in place, we need to transform and clean the data. Data preparation usually takes up 80% of the BI implementation process. Albeit lengthy, it is crucial to ensure data is consistent throughout the board. The core of a successful BI implementation project is high-quality data, and we stay true to that by delivering data that is complete, valid, and accurate.

Clean and prepare the data

4. Retrieve insights from data exploration

This is where the real fun begins. Together with business users, we will go through the data mining process with the help of elegant BI tools to discover patterns within your data. Developed OLAP or Tabular solutions that will allow for complex analytical and ad-hoc queries with rapid execution time. Our strategic BI solutions will provide all the answers to the what, when and why.

Retrieve insights from data exploration

5. Data Visualization and Reporting

Finally, through the rich and interactive visual dashboards, complicated data starts to make sense. Businesses will be able to analyze vast information in a graphical format and easily share the story of their data with others. BI visualization can cut the analysis time in half and empower users to spend their time on innovative solutions that will positively impact the bottom line and improve performance KPI’s.

Data Visualization and Reporting
Why choose Neurond AI Business Intelligence Consultants

Why choose Neurond AI Business Intelligence Consultants

Ultimately, when it comes to BI Consulting, we stand out from the crowd because of our client-first approach. We customize our BI solutions to your business needs and goals, understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to BI solutions. We are a team of highly technical experts with a track record of delivering successful projects.

Trust us to champion your goals.