Uncover your organization’s data

Dark data is usually unbeknown to the company, because unlike primary data, it is not created purposefully by its user, and they are often unaware of its existence. Every click, interaction and touchpoint – customer call records, old documents and video footages - leave crumbs in your database which may end up unutilized.

It is data left in the dark, as the name suggests.

Unattended data is dangerous because businesses are missing out on a wealth of potential insights. With a deeper exploration into your company’s unstructured data, imagine the benefits you could relish in; a steady stream of insights to fuel intelligent technologies, personalized content for target customers and smarter decisions for optimized processes.

That is what we do for you.

Neurond AI
Bring your data to new heights

Bring your data to new heights

The amalgamation of Neurond AI with machine learning will tap into the potential of your company’s database and reap its benefits. We provide reliable Data Science consultation to maximize your company’s analytic abilities.

Benefits of data science

We believe that raw data is powerful, and its positive impact runs true across all industries.

Customer experience

Customer experience

We apply natural language processing and natural language understanding to perform sentiment analysis based on customer feedback. This allows us to understand your company’s audience on a grand scale which is critically important in a customer-centric culture.

Customer behavior prediction

Customer behavior prediction

What if you can predict customer behavior such as conversion and churn rate before it happened? Based on historical data and prior behaviors, we can predict the buying habits of existing customers and personalize experiences to entice future customers.

Sales effectiveness

Sales effectiveness

The union of sales and data science can drive revenue and maximize profits. We work closely with clients to monitor sales performances and generate meaningful insights. Armed with this knowledge, we develop and implement data-driven strategies to achieve your business goals.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

With cutting edge technology, we provide actionable insights to successfully expand your marketing channels. After the dissemination of information on various channels, we track and measure the impact of each marketing channel.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

With the integration of business intelligence and machine learning models, we produce quantifiable results to elevate core operations for our clients.

Improved production efficiency

Improved production efficiency

Machine learning is a big step forward in improving overall equipment effectiveness by efficiently calculating the output of the production line according to three metrics – performance, quality and availability. We apply machine learning algorithms to keep the equipment in better working order and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Image analysis

Image analysis

Leverage the vast array of existing images resting in your company’s database and solve problems in creative ways. For example, instead of installing a sensor to determine polluted water, use a camera and train a machine learning algorithm to visually detect polluted water. Empower your business with smarter decision making.

Your data is one of your biggest assets

With so much data today, it’s very easy for a business to become overwhelmed. The time and labor spent to manage and interrogate data is often one of the most silent and significant financial burdens that can affect a healthy business, unnoticed. However, if dealt with in the right way, your business can leverage this potential risk into an opportunity, using big data to empower your business with smarter decision making.

Your data is one of your biggest assets
Become an industry powerhouse

Become an industry powerhouse

The recent digitalization of the workplace has allowed droves of competition into the landscape, and a smarter business must turn to data to stay at the forefront of competition. Your business can be first to the market by being quick to seize new and exciting opportunities in data science and predictive analytics. Become an industry powerhouse by unlocking incredible value in the vast amount of data that you already have.

What’s next?

With our services at Neurond AI, we can implement data-driven strategies for lean growth in your business at an early stage. In doing so, you avoid encountering overwhelming and difficult-to-access data in the long run. We offer our vast technological expertise throughout the entire process of consulting, measuring, monitoring and modeling to streamline the efficiency of your company without breaking the bank. Together, we shape the future with data. Contact us to get started.

What’s next?