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Case Study - conexus background
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Conexus is a Norwegian education company that provides top-notch learning solutions, such as e-learning, across markets worldwide, including Norway, Europe, and Asia.

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Conexus Singapore collaborated with Orient Software to develop an e-learning system called OPAL2.0. OPAL2.0 is designed primarily for personalized and collaborative learning. In addition, it can also be used for professional development planning at various organizational levels.

Conexus Singapore wanted to get insights into learners’ behavior on the e-learning platform. They desired to extrapolate insights from Singaporean comments and reviews about courses.

The most challenging problem was that these reviews were in multi-language. Besides, they expected auto-identify the emotional tone in comments while gaining fast, real-time insights from large data sets.

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Having realized the importance of the project, Neurond gathered a team of 3 AI Engineers to work closely with Orient Software’s experts.

It required us to combine AI, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics technologies to classify the emotional tune of given texts. We used AI sentiment analysis to decide the future target of the community.

As reviews were written in many languages (English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil), we had to develop multi-language models with high accuracy. We applied BERT to speed up the data integration process.

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With our dedicated AI Engineers, Conexus successfully developed the OPAL2.0 platform as planned. The deliverable gained positive feedback from our client. They were satisfied with our team’s performance, which was agile in problem-solving, efficient working, and proactive in discussing and figuring out the next steps.