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Case Study - Dekra background
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DEKRA is a European vehicle inspection company founded in Berlin in 1925 as Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein (German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association). It offers a wide range of services, including vehicle inspections, IoT sensors for machining, Salesforce CRM, product testing, electrical safety testing, and certification services.

Case Study - Dekra background
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DEKRA realized that their Salesforce default report system needs more flexibility and additional features for building relevant KPIs, measures, and visual interaction.

They wanted to seek help from Power BI to solve this problem. Besides, their goal is to find data solutions for IoT setups, booking applications, and global data platforms.

Having been recommended by Orient Software, DEKRA’s application and website development partner, they decided to assemble a team of BI and Data Engineers with Neurond. DEKRA officially started forming and team with Neurond in October 2022.

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After receiving requirements from DEKRA, Neurond gathered a team of 5 dedicated members, including three Data Engineers and two BI Engineers. We used data solutions among Azure ecosystems like Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Azure SQL Database, and Power BI.

-Create flexibility and additional features which are unavailable in the default Salesforce report system.

-Data solutions to IoT problems.

-Insightful reports for decision-making.

We followed a straightforward process, from checking the project scope and data sources to creating the ETL pipeline to load data and then building a data model in Power BI Desktop or Azure Analysis Service.

-Visualize the data in Power BI Desktop.

-Publish and share the reports/dashboards with the client.

Our team had done a great job of communicating via frequent discussion meetings and emails to clarify EKRA’s requirements and feedback to improve the system.

Case Study - Dekra background
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With the current project’s success, DEKRA decided to continue collaborating with Neurond to move the Salesforce project to Production with the official Synapse workspace accessed by External users. From that, we can form a Global data platform that serves data for any consumer in need.

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