Case Study - Incloud Manga Creation Tool background
Case Study - Incloud Manga Creation Tool background
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Keeping the vision to make development a painless experience for all clients in mind, InCloud always wants to deliver diverse web or mobile applications, IOT SENSOR SYSTEMS, and CLOUD SERVICES CONSULTING with Japanese-level quality and Western-level technological skills at very cost-effective prices.

Case Study - Incloud Manga Creation Tool background
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Japan's manga industry is a global powerhouse, boasting a massive domestic market and a passionate international fanbase. Despite its success, manga studios face a significant challenge: keeping up with the ever-growing demand for new content. Meanwhile, traditional storyboarding and plotting are time-consuming and hinder production speed. That’s why InCloud desired to deliver an artificial intelligence application to address this bottleneck, speed up the manga creation process, and, at the same time, ensure the stories’ quality.

Case Study - Incloud Manga Creation Tool background
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With profound expertise in AI technologies, we stepped in to fulfill InCloud’s vision. We assembled a skilled team, including a Project Consultant and two AI Engineers, and embarked on a mission to develop a groundbreaking AI-powered manga creation tool.

After in-depth discussions, our team spent a week gathering and analyzing InCloud’s requirements. This phase gave us a clear understanding of where AI could foster the manga creation process.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we designed an AI model utilizing Prompt Engineering within two months. This model enabled the tool to generate storylines with plots and accompanying images based on user prompts.

The application’s user-friendly UI lets creators easily select story categories, from “School Life” to “Science Fiction” or “Sports.” It’ll then generate titles, character descriptions, conflicts, chapters, and scenes for each chapter without hassle. It’s possible for them to edit the plot, characters’ names, or events and as needed with ease.

Technologies Used

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Azure Storage Account,
  • OpenAI API
  • FastAPI
  • Docker
  • ReactJS
Case Study - Incloud Manga Creation Tool background
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The completed manga creation tool truly carried out a revolution in story generation. Studios can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to develop storyboards and plots, freeing up valuable resources for illustration and production.

However, there is still room for improvement. Moving forward, we plan to continue refining the tool to enhance character consistency and overall story quality and empower the creation process even further.

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