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Netwealth is a technology company, a superannuation fund, and an administration business which provides exceptional customer services and analysis for wealth management in Australia since 1999.


As a financial and wealth service provider, Netwealth has vast data to manage, including customers’ details to their transaction information. They wanted an enterprise data warehouse to bring together all users’ data for better analytics and management.

Netwealth has been Orient’s partner for a while and experienced the company’s high-quality services. That’s why they decided to continue trusting our Data Analytic services. The project started in Mar 2020.


After discussing Netwealth’s requirements, Neurond gathered a dedicated team of 3 members: a Business Intelligence Engineer, a Data Engineer, and a Quality Control.

We use Microsoft Cloud Resources, a modern data warehouse architecture, to create a Data Analytics platform. This platform will help collect customers’ data, including transactions, balances, products, etc., and provide insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, and advanced analytics.

We also support them in migrating all on-premise environments into the Azure cloud.


The team formed and trained by Orient Software filled in the missing part of Netwealth’s team and conducted the project well, resulting in success. Starting in Mar 2020 with 3 core members, our Data team has scaled up to 17 people.

The Netwealth’s system was upgraded as required and under proactive maintenance for quality and high performance. Not only helping Netwealth to recruit and build a solid technical team, but Neurond also trained and improved the team’s skills to adapt to the higher expectation over time. With SLA up to 97%, Netwealth extended its contract with Neurond on more projects.

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