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Case Study - Orient background
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A leading Software Development Outsourcing company in Vietnam.

Orient Software is a software development company specializing in providing high-quality services. Its fundamental principle lies in solid ethics, collaboration, tenacity, and responsibility.

With 17 years of experience, Orient ensures to fulfill global clients’ requirements by serving various services, including software development, QA & testing, staff augmentation, and more.

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As a large-sized business with over 300 employees, Orient Software faced many challenges with its fingerprint check-in process. Firstly, employees take much time to manually check fingerprints and enter the office during rush hours, which creates bottleneck effects. Plus, the company might have a high threat of COVID-19 exposure during check-in time.

In 2020, the company contacted us for a smart solution to replace their fingerprint check-in with a facial recognition system. This system will help speed up employee entry time and reduce the spreading and exposure to Coronavirus.

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Soon after processing the requirements from Orient Software, Neurond convened a dedicated team of 4 members consisting of one leader, two developers, and one BA. Our team then met up with Orient and had a further discussion. We followed our AI consulting approach and shaped the direction of the project.

Our experts combined three technologies to train the model: Face Detection, Face Recognition, and Computer Vision. Then we came up with a face recognition system with an embedding model. Our experts set up pre-process and post-process with multiple layers, including liveness detection, to track and analyze data identification, emotion, & movement of employees’ faces. To ensure the system speed, we convert the model to ONNX for a faster run.

Case Study - Orient background
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The Workface check-in system is a great boost to Orient Software’s office space modernization. It received a lot of positive feedback from employees, with 100% accuracy.

Neurond helped Orient Software with not only limiting Coronavirus exposure but also improving employee satisfaction.