Case Study - Orient Chat Assistant background
Case Study - Orient Chat Assistant background
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A leading Software Development Outsourcing company in Vietnam.

Orient Software is a software development company specializing in providing high-quality services. Its fundamental principle lies in solid ethics, collaboration, tenacity, and responsibility. With 19 years of experience, Orient ensures to fulfill global clients’ requirements by serving various services, including software development, QA & testing, staff augmentation, and more.

Case Study - Orient Chat Assistant background
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As Orient Software scaled its operations, navigating the administrative processes and technical resources from People & Culture (PnC) and IT departments became time-consuming. Employees had to spend significant periods searching for information to answer basic questions on training programs, compensation plans, or IT troubleshooting. This inefficiency impacted employee experience and bottlenecked PnC and IT from focusing on more strategic initiatives.

They’ve thought of a customized AI chatbot that can reqponse to staff’s queries. Still, challenge now lies in security risks. Orient Software found out that it was difficult to control over the data its staff interracted or submitted to AI chatbots, especially credential information.

Case Study - Orient Chat Assistant background
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After gathering Orient Software’s needs, we decided to provide consultation about an AI chatbot that can handle everyday tasks while integrated with specialized chatting functions for PnC and IT support.

To get started, the NeurondGPT tool, a standard AI assistant utilizing large language models, was developed to answer general questions. From developers to marketing staff or talent acquisition specialists, employees can quickly produce content, generate code, compose emails, and more.

Not just stop there, the Orient Assistant feature was added to the tool to solve PnC and IT requests. If an employee faced any specified administrative, personnel, or IT-related queries, they just needed to reach out to the Oriental Assistant, enter the question, and receive accurate answers instantly. The tool also ensured data security at the highest level. It meant no private information could be leaked.

Technologies Used: Rule-based NLP, Regular Expression, Document Parsing, Large Language Models, Embeddings, Prompt Engineering, Sentence Transformers, Vector Database (ChromaDB), RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), SQL Database (PostgreSQL), FastAPI, Llama Index

Case Study - Orient Chat Assistant background
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NeurondGPT, in general, and Orient Assistant, in particular, delivered a revolutionary AI chat assistant experience to all Orient Software staff, enhancing their productivity and knowledge while ensuring data security and maintaining confidentiality.

The launch of Orient Assistant also handled HR and IT-related queries with nearly 100% accuracy. This significant shift towards automation resulted in a decrease in the workload of the PnC and IT departments of more than 50%.

We’re committed to enhancing Orient Assistant's capabilities by transitioning it into a personalized work management solution. This exciting personal assistant will empower each employee with a dedicated workspace, allowing them to securely store and manage their individual work data. This centralized approach to data storage streamlines the backup process, eliminating the need for Orient to consolidate and secure employee information manually.

Revolutionize the way you work. Our goal is to help you be more effective, more creative and push your business further than you thought possible. Our solutions have changed the way companies approach working. Whether that be through bespoke machine learning algorithms, a custom computer vision solution or a tailored forecasting tool, you can be confident we will find the right solution to make an impact.

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