Orient & Neurond Chit 'N' Chat", organized by Orient Software and Neurond, is a quarterly webinar that aims to create opportunities for attendees to engage directly with the bright minds in Software and Data Engineers. Simply prepare yourself for mind-blowing discoveries, practical business solutions, and an amazing network of awesome Business Intelligent Engineers and as well as Data Engineers. Ask our keynote speakers your thoughtful questions in Live sessions if you have any wonder. FREE registration for everyone!

September 22th, 2022 - 07:00 PM | Microsoft Teams


Nowadays, Investment Services companies are leaders in digital transformation programs, driving various data initiatives to generate and extract insights for competitive and market advantage.

Have you ever wondered what they do or how to become one yourself? This introductory webinar will bring your attention to a broad context to start exploring the world of data engineering. If you’re working with various data sources but don't have a clear idea of how to use all those data sources in a scalable way, this webinar must be your way to go.

Why you should not miss Episode 3 of Orient and Neurond Chit 'N' Chat

  • Provide an overview of the nature of data in the field of Investment Services
  • Discuss how to use Cloud in data storage in financial companies
  • Bring knowledge about Datawarehouse in the Investment segment
  • Raise awareness on the importance of data in business and how to use it effectively
  • Share tips with Data Engineers when working in Investment Services

Speakers’ profile

Vu N.

Development Manager & Business Intelligence Engineer

An experienced and proficient senior technology leader specializing in Data, Vu N, is also developing highly available and scalable enterprise systems, working within large teams providing leadership, advocacy, and coaching to achieve overall goals.

Hans T.

Business Intelligence Engineer

The fundamental knowledge and the nature of design earned when working as a Software Engineer has served Hans to develop in the Data Science field.

Thanh H.

Business Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineer

Thanh H. loves the moments when he develops efficiency dashboards and finds the best practices alongside the team.

Andrew P.

Data Engineer

Andrew believes that he can make the world better just by being a Data Engineer and enjoying his job.


September 22th, 2022 - 07:00 PM | Microsoft Teams









webinar Agenda

6:45 pm
Welcome attendees
7:00 pm
Webinar introduction
7:05 pm
Nature of data - Cloud adoption
7:20 pm
Data warehouse
7:35 pm
Insights/value from data
7:50 pm
Data engineer
8:05 pm
Break - Minigame
8:15 pm
Q&A and wrap up

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