Company Profile

Company Profile

Neurond AI provides world class Artificial Intelligence and Data Science services to companies around the globe. Our team brings over 15 years of unrivaled experience helping businesses be more creative, more productive and unearth exciting possibilities. We believe that responsible AI solutions should empower individuals and organizations. These solutions affect customers and society in a positive way.


Our mission is to help you work smarter through best-of-breed technical solutions.

We use machine learning, forecasting and optimization, computer vision and natural language processing to enhance your existing systems and scale as quickly as your business does.



Through Artificial Intelligence in order to solve the impossible.

Through real-world applications of our technology in order to provide the Business Values.

Through Data Science in order to bring insightful Business Intelligence.

Core values

Honesty & Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for honesty, integrity, trust, and transparency within our organization and when interacting with our global clients. We build trust and credibility through honest communication, delivering what we promised, and having the courage to say and do the right thing.


We recognize that a cohesive team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our employees draw on rich, diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests while working in close collaboration to consistently deliver high-quality services to our clients.

Open Doors

Our managers always have an open door, so employees feel free to provide input on decision-making and production processes, or simply to seek guidance in their daily work or in their career trajectory. We are ready to embrace the right and creation thinking which will help us grow up and success.


No matter where our clients are located, they can access clear and detailed information about our progress on their projects around the clock.


We are self-learners, fulfilled by continuous knowledge acquisition to accelerate innovation.

Performance Evaluation

We view performance evaluation as a participatory process that evolves over time. Each year, employees and supervisors work together to identify, achieve, and assess their progress toward clearly defined objectives and goals.


Information technology and international project management require agility and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our global clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative and innovative solutions our clients need.

Cultural Awareness

We have years of experience bridging the gaps between different cultures and business traditions. Our employees are trained to respect local approaches and business practices while harnessing the advantages of globalization.

Professional Development

We invest in our employees, with comprehensive programs for professional development and generous financial assistance for those who wish to pursue continuing education. We build the comfortable and positive environment for employees to help them maximize their capabilities.

Client Satisfaction

Our teams are fully focused on delivering true value to help our global clients succeed in a challenging business environment. Our clients completely trust and satisfaction with the services we provide.


We’re on a long-term mission. Our leadership team is a combination of experienced experts in advanced technologies, multinational management team and enthusiastic talent, who will work closely together to empower your ideas and deliver success.


President and Co-Founder

Oyvind Forsbak is the president of Neurond AI while also acting as a CTO at Orient Software Development. He brings 20 years of experience developing, and supporting technology products.

Oyvind has in-depth knowledge about Agile software development, especially in software outsourcing. His focus on developing an Agile mindset in teams is truly motivating, particularly the balance between team culture, individual growth, responsibility, and producing quality software. The creativity and energy of his workshops kept the teams engaged and productive.



CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Son Nguyen co-founded Neurond AI while also being the Danang Branch Director at Orient Software Development.

Son is passionate about big data and machine learning. He is constantly challenging himself and the Neurond AI team to do better. He worked as a researcher at TTIC – University of Chicago. Son holds MS Degree and Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri where he was a VP of the Computer Science Graduate Council. 


Member of Board of Directors and Co-Founder

Ms. Nhung Nguyen is a co-founder of Neurond AI and owner of Orient Software Development.

She has 24+ years of extensive background as a strategic leader and operational expert. With a proven track record in developing and delivering technology solutions, she brings a wealth of experience to tackle problems and drive long-term client success worldwide. 


Revolutionize the way you work. Our goal is to help you be more effective, more creative and push your business further than you thought possible. Our solutions have changed the way companies approach working. Whether that be through bespoke machine learning algorithms, a custom computer vision solution or a tailored forecasting tool, you can be confident we will find the right solution to make an impact.

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