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How to Parse Resumes Online in Three Easy Steps


Trinh Nguyen

Dec 01, 2022

CV screening, without a doubt, proves the most important but time-consuming stage in the hiring cycle. It requires recruiters to go through all resumes and re-enter the data into tracking excel sheets to identify the best candidates from the crowd.

Still, not only does this repetitive task take time and exhaust recruiters, but it’s also prone to human errors. Since there is a lot of data to keep track of, it’s difficult for HR to make the right decisions.

So how can you filter candidates quickly but still ensure the quality of work?

That’s where a resume parser comes in handy.

Today’s article will show you how to parse a resume using Dr.Parser, an intelligent CV parser. Before digging into the guide, let’s define what a resume parser is and why you should utilize one for your recruitment.

What Is a Resume Parser?

A CV/resume parser comes as an AI-powered tool that allows you to convert unstructured resume data into a structured format. Information will be extracted by attributes, including Contact, Work Experience, Educational Background, and Skill Sets.

Candidate resumes will be well-organized and managed in a secure database. You can search and filter candidates with ease.

Advantages of Using Resume Parsers

Making use of CV parsing software benefits your business recruitment in multiple ways.

  • Save time – As mentioned, a resume parsing system gives you a helping hand in automating your CV screening process. Instead of spending hours reviewing resumes, you can use that precious time to strengthen the relationship with candidates and acquire the best talent for the company.
  • Eliminate hiring bias – Some resume parsers enable recruiters to remove personal fields in CVs, such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Education, and Current Employer name. This forces recruiters to focus on skills and capabilities rather than other personal parameters.
  • Improve candidate experience – Some websites require candidates to fill every detail in application forms which take a lot of time. This endless process sometimes discourages people from applying for your job. A resume parser can save their life by allowing auto-filling forms, so candidates no longer have to waste time doing it manually. All they need to do is upload their CV and have the system merge the necessary details into relevant fields.

How to Parse a Resume

There are tons of resume parsers available on the Internet, so picking a suitable one for your organization takes work. This guide will show you how to use Dr.Parser, a simple yet powerful tool to extract resume data.

Before starting with the parsing system, you must have your resumes ready. Then, follow the 5-step instruction below:

  1. Log in to your Parser account. Sign up for an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Drag and drop your resume or browse it from your computer, then click Parse CV.
  3. Check the result underneath.

That’s it! You can also hit “Start Over?” to continue with another CV.

Dr.Parser offers a free version for you to try out, providing critical features of a resume parser. Currently, the tool can convert Cvs in both English and Vietnamese and is in progress to support other popular languages.

You can convert each CV at a time using the Free version. In case you have a lot of resumes to handle, it’s highly recommended to upgrade to its Advanced package to experience more powerful capabilities.

On top of that, Dr.Parser allows extracting PDF, Docx, and image-based CVs in the trial version. It’s possible for you to have other resume file formats parsed when taking advantage of the Advanced plan.

The Challenges of Parsing Resumes

Making use of parsing software to automate the CV screening process isn’t as simple as you may think. Many challenges remain in resume parsers, from the data to file types.

Information in CVs may be presented in different ways. Take Date Time as an example, the date ‘Dec 2, 2022’ can also be written in ‘the 2nd of December 2022,’ ‘12/2/2022,’ or ‘2 Dec, 22.’ We can easily recognize this difference but it takes time for machines to learn these variations. The same thing goes for multi-meaning words. One word can mean different things in different contexts.

The ability to deal with various resume layouts is another key factor we should look at when considering a resume parser. Candidates can display information in one or two columns and even combine these layouts on one CV.

What Differentiates Dr.Parser from Other Parsing Tools?

Despite the recent launch, Dr.Parser receives a lot of love from users by offering outstanding features to resolve all the issues mentioned above.

While others try to support multiple languages and CV file types, we focus on more vital things: Time and Accuracy. The system ensures that output data reaches the highest accuracy rate, ranging from 90-95%. It takes you less than 3 seconds to successfully parse a resume, much quicker than other similar platforms.

Optimize Your Recruiting with Dr.Parser Now!

A CV parser helps simplify your resume screening and speed up your hiring process. You can use it for anonymized recruiting by removing all personal details that may lead to hiring bias and affect the candidate selection.

We’ve walked you through how to parse a resume using Dr.Parser with just a few clicks. Not just stop at resumes, we offer custom document parsing capabilities, letting you extract information of any type, from ID cards to invoices, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Register for Dr.Parser and have your document parsed now!