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9 Best AI Tools for Business to Boost Productivity


Trinh Nguyen

Jul 24, 2023

According to a National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) study, customer service agents that used a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) AI tool showed an increase in productivity of around 14%.

AI may greatly speed up and improve your capacity to perform your job if you operate in the information economy. It includes all profession that involves creating, using, or exchanging information.

Today, almost everyone can incorporate AI into their workflow thanks to solutions available on the market or freely accessible online. As a matter of fact, individuals who don’t use them effectively will probably think these AI tools will quickly replace humans. Not because artificial intelligence will take their job but rather because smarter, more flexible workers who have embraced these tools will.

Simply put, people taking advantage of generative artificial intelligence will accomplish more in less time and add more value to their enterprises. This has already begun to occur!

Now let’s review the best AI-powered tools to help businesses boost productivity.

What are AI Tools for Business

What are AI Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are software programs and technological advancements that employ artificial intelligence algorithms to carry out complex operations, gather knowledge from data, and create wise judgments. The AI tool covers a wide range of capabilities, such as data analytics, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).

AI solutions assist business owners in automating repetitive tasks, gleaning insightful information from massive databases, and boosting productivity in various fields by imitating human cognitive abilities. Not only does AI transform the recruitment process, but it also significantly contributes to education and benefits the healthcare industry.

Principal features and functions:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): AI tools equipped with NLP capabilities can comprehend, analyze, and generate human language. They can interpret textual data, facilitate sentiment analysis, and even generate human-like responses. Examples of NLP-powered tools include chatbots, language translation software, and sentiment analysis platforms.
  • Machine Learning (ML): ML-based AI systems learn from data, recognize patterns, and make predictions or decisions without explicit programming. Each AI tool is often utilized for recommendation systems, fraud detection, and predictive analytics tasks. Well-known examples are the Amazon product recommendation engine and Pinterest image recommendation.
  • Computer Vision: AI tools incorporating computer vision capabilities can analyze and interpret visual content, enabling automated image or video recognition. They’re applied in autonomous vehicles, facial recognition systems, and quality control in manufacturing. Google’s image recognition software and Tesla’s self-driving car technology are good examples of computer vision-powered AI tools.
  • Data Analytics: AI tools equipped with advanced data analytics techniques empower entrepreneurs to extract valuable insights from vast datasets. A data analytics AI tool can identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and support data-driven decision-making processes. Business intelligence platforms like Tableau and Power BI exemplify the power of AI in data analytics.

Importance of AI Tools for Boosting Productivity

Importance of AI Tools in business for Boosting Productivity

In the quest for increased productivity, AI tools have become essential assets for entrepreneurs.

Research by Goldman Sachs reported that applications enabled by these technologies might replace up to 300 million full-time employees. In addition, hundreds of new job categories could be established in ten years, and overall global productivity could increase by about 7% yearly.

Now, we will explore the importance of AI tools in boosting productivity and uncover how they can propel entrepreneurs toward success.

  • Automate repetitive processes

Artificially intelligent systems do wonders for repetitive process automation. These solutions can automate data entry, customer assistance, and inventory management tasks using robotic and machine learning algorithms. Businesses may free up critical time and resources by delegating regular activities to AI. Their team can concentrate on more strategic projects that foster growth.

  • Bring opportunities and set out challenges

Big data has brought both opportunities and challenges for businesses. AI tools with advanced data analytics capabilities excel in extracting meaningful insights from vast datasets. They can identify patterns, trends, and correlations that may be otherwise difficult for humans to discern.

With AI-powered analytics, entrepreneurs can make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and uncover untapped opportunities, enhancing productivity and competitiveness.

  • Support decision making

AI tools can potentially assist humans in decision-making and user behavior by providing precise and timely insights. These systems are capable of predictive analytics, historical data analysis, and generating recommendations that can be taken.

Thanks to AI tools, entrepreneurs may increase productivity and advance their organizations by quickly processing massive amounts of information.

  • Enhance customer experience

Moreover, AI tools are also employed to improve customer relations and satisfaction. Artificially intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants respond quickly to inquiries and offer individualized service. Customized product recommendations are provided by AI-driven recommendation engines, increasing engagement and boosting sales. As a result, businesses may build closer bonds with clients, encourage loyalty, and boost productivity through higher client happiness by using artificial intelligence solutions.

Top 9 AI Tools to Enhance Business Productivity and Efficiency

Top 9 AI Tools to Enhance Business Productivity and Efficiency

#1 Jasper.ai 

Coming as an innovative artificial intelligence writing tool, Jasper AI revolutionizes content creation. Designed to assist copywriters, marketers, and businesses, this AI tool uses advanced NLP and machine learning to generate high-quality, engaging content with just a few easy inputs.

It also consists of a suite of AI features, from AI writing software to AI art generators, AI chatbots, AI software development, and more. Jasper benefits businesses by developing various content, including blog posts, product descriptions, marketing copy, and more.

Key Features 

  • Support content creation for sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Imbue AI-generated content with the business’ distinct brand’s own voice. This function ensures that the organization’s content adheres to the corporate identity, tone, and style.
  • Alternate ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence chatbots for a more engaging and conversational experience.
  • Integrate with Surfer SEO to optimize content.
  • Offer more than 2,500 styling categories for writing and 11,000 free fonts.
  • Create images and illustrations.

#2 Chat GPT

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool developed by OpenAI to revolutionize the world of conversational artificial intelligence. This natural language processing chat AI tool allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with the chatbot.

The model uses Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), using the same methods as InstructGPT, but with slight differences in the data collection setup. We trained an initial model using supervised fine-tuning: human AI trainers provided conversations in which they played both sides—the user and an AI assistant.

Businesses, customer service departments, and developers frequently use ChatGPT to build interactive conversational systems like chatbots and virtual assistants.

Key Features 

  • Produce human-like responses in real-time based on user input: stories, essays, songs, and poems, as well as conversational, natural replies to inquiries.
  • Have a user-friendly interface and pre-trained NLP model, making it easy for developers to create chatbot applications.
  • Offer the GPT 4 API to connect to many services.
  • Support numerous programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Swift, Ruby, and… Despite some trouble with challenging coding tasks, it appears to be quite sophisticated.
  • Adapt and refine its responses over time. Use user comments and data to improve comprehension, accuracy, and overall performance, ensuring continuous improvement.

#3 Pictory

Pictory is a cloud-based SAAS platform that intelligently transforms long-form content into high-quality brandable movies appropriate for YouTube or social media posts. It supports many types of content, from blog entries and sales letters to image generation and even longer video content creation.

This AI video generator benefits photographers, designers, marketers, and content creators. These people aim to communicate their stories through impactful visuals.

Key Features 

  • Easy Video Creation from Blog Posts and Written Content. Pictory’s user-friendly video editing interface allows effortless conversion of blog posts and written content into engaging videos.
  • Convert Videos into Text. Easily convert videos into text format, enabling convenient keyword research and removing filler words for better content creation and management.
  • Auto Summarization of Long Videos. The auto summarization feature condenses lengthy videos, like Zoom recordings, online conferences, podcasts, and existing videos, into shorter, impactful clips. This saves you time and delivers concise content.
  • Vast Media Library. Offers a comprehensive media library containing excellent audio, video, and image resources. This AI tool empowers users with various options to enhance their videos.
  • AI-Powered Highlight Clip Extraction. Pictory’s AI technology automatically extracts captivating moments from long videos. This feature helps create short and engaging highlight clips that capture the essence of the content.
  • Automatic Captioning. Automatically adds captions to videos. As a result, you can improve accessibility and enhance viewer engagement by ensuring content is understood without sound.

#4 Tidio

Among AI tools for customer service, Tidio comes as an outstanding performer. It’s a web-based live chat software that merges messages from emails, Facebook Messenger, and website chat widgets into a single agent interface. The AI tool gives agents a helping hand to handle all customer communications simultaneously with the same tools from any channel.

Tidio is a simple yet powerful helpdesk solution for your team since it manages all of your client messages in one location.

Key Features 

  • It enables users to interact with your website (sometimes called “agents”) in real-time.
  • Provide vital live chat capabilities that enable agents to answer visitors quickly. Incorporate many features such as quick answers, type preview, file sharing, visitor information, widget customizations, etc.
  • Make it simple to build chatbots without coding via its flexible processes. Businesses frequently use chatbots to greet customers, answer simple queries, and collect contact information.
  • Offer 21 pre-built chatbot themes organized into three categories: Generate Leads, Increase Online Sales, and Improve Communication.
  • Feature 17 software tool connections in four primary categories: customer relationship management (CRM), help desk, e-commerce, and email marketing.

#5 Lovo AI

LOVO is the go-to AI voice generator & text to speech tool for thousands of creators. It is a text-to-speech generator driven by AI technology, allowing users to turn written text into natural-sounding audio in various voices and languages.

Lovo AI serves content creators, educators, and enterprises who need high-quality audio content for applications such as audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning materials, and streamlining audio.

Key Features 

  • Make content in over 100 languages to communicate with a worldwide audience.
  • Work with any browser, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Quickly and easily create high-quality audio and video material with cutting-edge technology.
  • Enjoy easy connectivity with popular apps such as Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, and others for optimal productivity.
  • Save time and streamline your workflow by automating repetitive operations like transcription or translation.

#6 Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a sales and marketing AI tool for sales and marketing professionals to generate daily data about their potential and current customers. It analyzes that data to boost sales, increase marketing engagement and brand awareness, reduce negative customer experiences and lost revenue due to attrition among sales personnel, and improve efficiency.

This AI tool ensures your emails are delivered to each customer appropriately. Since customers will view their emails most conveniently, marketers may interact with their audience more effectively.

Key Features 

  • Campaign Analytics. Offer robust campaign analytics, providing valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting/Analytics. Provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Sales and marketing professionals can track key metrics, measure success, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Email Campaign Management. Facilitate efficient management of email campaigns. It enables scheduling, personalization, and email communications automation, ensuring targeted social media posts and impactful messaging to potential and current customers.
  • Event-Triggered Actions. Authorize automated responses or actions based on specific customer behaviors or events. This helps deliver timely and relevant communications, enhance customer engagement, automate repetitive tasks, and drive conversions.

#7 Grammarly

Talking about AI tools, it would be missing without mentioning Grammarly. As a writing program, Grammarly suggests real-time spelling and grammar corrections. It can even recommend revisions based on the type of writing, including academic, business, technical, and creative writing.

Content is the foundation of marketing, business communication, and all other endeavors. Grammarly ensures that your writing is error-free and suitable for your most important audiences to read.

Grammarly works best for students, professionals, and writers who wish to improve their writing abilities and produce content without errors.

Key Features 

  • Real-time Grammar and Spelling Checker. Provide a real-time grammar and spelling checker, helping users identify and correct errors as they write.
  • Style and Tone Suggestions. Offer style and tone suggestions, assisting users in maintaining a consistent writing style and tone throughout their content. Enhance the clarity and effectively convey the intended message.
  • Plagiarism Detection. Scan written content to identify any instances of plagiarism. Ensure the originality and integrity of the text, promoting ethical writing practices.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Give vocabulary enhancement suggestions, helping users improve their writing by suggesting more precise and impactful word choices. Enable users to write clearly and efficiently.

#8 Murf

Murf AI is a cloud-based realistic text-to-speech technology for creating voiceovers for your content. The AI tool supports everything from YouTube videos to podcasts, advertisements/commercials, e-learning content, presentations, and audiobooks. It uses AI technology and deep machine learning technologies to create these ultra-realistic voiceovers in more than 120 languages.

Murf.AI’s target audience is diverse. It’s an excellent choice for educators who want to develop e-learning films and tutorials. Content providers also use it for YouTube videos, explanation videos, and other audio and video materials.

What’s more, Murf Studio’s AI voiceovers can substantially assist businesses. Instead of engaging freelance voice actors, they can develop custom voices for many purposes, such as advertisements or presentations.

Key Features 

  • Incorporate a vast collection of over 120 distinct voices
  • Enable users to modify their voices and add a touch of uniqueness to their audio content via a voice changer.
  • Offer voiceover sync options to synchronize their recorded voiceovers precisely with corresponding visuals, enhancing the audio-visual experience.
  • Support more than 20 different languages.
  • Include a text-based audio editor for video editing, enhancements, and adjustments to their audio recordings.
  • Incorporate a grammar assistant feature to assist users in ensuring grammatical accuracy and fluency in their voiceovers and audio content.

#9 HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is one of the amazing AI-powered tools that can take ordinary photos and turn them into extraordinary ones. It provides a wide range of image generation demands with its four AI Models and one-click automatic enhancement.

This versatile AI tool allows you to enlarge images to 4K/8K resolution without sacrificing quality. It effectively removes noise in high-ISO and low-light situations and restores old photos by correcting damage or imperfections. Besides, this AI tool colorizes black-and-white images and retouches facial details for perfect portraits.

Plus, HitPaw Photo Enhancer is ideal for busy photographers, designers, and creative professionals who want to improve their photos quickly and easily without sacrificing quality.

Key Features 

  • Use cutting-edge AI algorithms to improve the quality of your photos for clearer details, better colors, and an overall improved appearance in just a few clicks.
  • Support Windows and Mac users.
  • Make it simple for users of all skill levels to edit and enables users to improve their photos without needing specialized knowledge.
  • Utilize a variety of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and others, to handle multiple image kinds with flexibility and ensure compatibility across many systems and devices.
  • Achieve astounding improvements and transformations. With only a few easy clicks, professional-quality results may be obtained with HitPaw Photo Enhancer, streamlining the editing process and saving you time and effort.

What Are Your Best AI Tools for Business?

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker.

With the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology, businesses must embrace AI tools that align with their unique needs and goals.

So, What tools will bring business success?

The best AI tools are those that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, foster innovation, and deliver tangible results.

Remember! AI true power lies in its ability to automate tasks or process vast amounts of data and its potential to augment human capabilities and drive strategic decision-making.

So, as you embark on this transformative journey, take the time to explore the possibilities, seek expert guidance, and choose wisely.